Swank'd Organics was created to bring harmony and balance while giving your hair an organically delicious taste of proteins, minerals and vitamins. With proper maintenance and the use of our products to aid in your hair's growth, your tresses will be healthy, long and luscious in no time! You are now one step closer to obtaining lengthy hair as desired!
Our products have been specially hand-made by our CEO, Seantae Marie since 2017, the year Swank'd Organics LLC. was founded. Being a Cosmetologist, Seantae wanted to make an impact on woman by creating a line of 100% certified organic ingredients blended together to triple the growth of hair.
Starting with her clients in 2014, Swank'd Organics has developed and evolved into a high-demanding brand that ensures 100% satisfaction to our customers. As Swank'd Organics continues to work on becoming one of the most recognized natural hair care brands in the U.S, we will make it our mission to ensure your roots grow long and your tresses stand tall!